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Just waiting for the email conformation and tracking number once the chicks ship. we ordered a 15 value selection from you and a RIR roo. – January 9, 2016, Just wanted to let you know all the chicks arrived safe and sound. A friend recommended them to us after a bad experience with another hatchery and a high mortality rate with another hatchery. – December 11, 2018, Over the past seven years we have ordered from over a dozen different hatcheries, including (and most often) Cackle. Donna Pennsylvania Aug 2009 It is resistant to cold, easy to manage, and a good sitter. – November 25, 2015. This is one of the color varieties of the Plymouth Rock chicken family and an excellent winter/summer brown egg layer. All of the chicks from this order have continued to show the high standard of quality and good growth and health we have come to expect from your birds. We have about 40 barred rock hens. Plymouth Rock chickens include the Barred Rock and several other varieties. I had a few questions and emailed them a few times about my shipment, and they replied within hours and were so helpful. James, Alabama July 2014 – March 15, 2017. I am writing to you on account of the fact that I would like to thank you for your hard work and dedication that has resulted in my beautiful chickens. The Plymouth Barred Rock chicken was developed over 150 years ago and is a breed that was created in the New England region of the United States. The special heavy assorted was a great bargain. Valerie New York August 2016 Of course, I can't speak for kinsey's birds. Participant I don't know a thing about this breed. We did lose one in shipment, which was sad, but the rest recovered very nicely from their journey to us and are doing great. – November 1, 2016, I wanted to thank you for the beautiful chicks I ordered. We order 2 of the small town pullet special 3. We will be ordering again from you in the future. I ordered some chicks from y’all a few week ago and I am just giving y’all some feedback on the good hatchery y’all have thanks for the chicks. so excited and happy with our experience! They are all alive and I loved that the packaging was super warm. – November 6, 2015. They are very beautiful, and the rooster's plumage is very dazzling. Good. I order 15 chicks and got them this morning and there was 17 of them. I will be using Cackle for my future orders. That has not been the case with our Cackle chicks. I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that we are very pleased with our order. They arrived in fine shape and ready to eat and drink. I will be using your service in the future and will be recommending it to others. Thank you all very much. "url": "", They ate and drank like old pros after just a short time. I’m very impressed with how your operation works. The Barred Rock is the barred variety of the popular Plymouth Rock chicken. Hans, South Carolina May 2011 They are very curious, and this leads them to figure out new things faster than my other breeds. Cackle Hatchery, Thank you for the healthy chicks! I’m just wanting to express my thanks to you for the five different breeds of chicks that I got from your hatchery Feb 12th. Upham crossed Black Java hens with a barred rooster. American. they are supposed to be of a very agreeable temperament; I will be getting my 1st BR's in the spring, if all goes as planned. We did not lose a single chick. We received them quickly! Very healthy and adorable. We started seeing eggs about 5 months later. – January 14, 2016. I'll keep that in mind! They tolerate confinement, but they're happiest when they get to range freely. Bea Nebraska January 2010 We’ve had a chicks a few days and all are happy and healthy. I got my chicks shipped to Hawaii which has additional fees and you have to have a higher minimum of birds and it was totally 100% worth it. All birds are healthy and in great condition. She is an absolute Rock star!! Overall I am extremely happy with my chicks. We ordered 45 barred rocks and have been thrilled with them. Wow Im extremely impressed. Just thank you, for my girls. The Barred Rock bantam chicken is a miniature sized chicken of the Barred Rock Standard breed and are of recent origin making extreme progress in the hands of poultry breeders across the USA. We have not had even one minute problem with them. – November 9, 2015. Tiffany Kentucky June 2014 I purchased some Barred Rock chickens from Cackle last year, and they have done very well. Great service!! Great foragers. Keep up the good work. They all got here safe and all are a live and again I thank y’all very much and y’all’s Hatchery should be the number one Hatchery in the world and y’all’s Hatchery will be the only one I ever order from. Still yet, they allow me to pick them up and pet them without any retaliation or attempt to attack me. For example, my Barred Rock, Violet is a little silly and my RIR Raspberry is very smart for a chicken, My hens are one of my personal joys. All of our baby chicks arrived safely and healthy as can be, with two extra babies as well to fall in love with. – December 18, 2015. They look more white than black. They were born July 1 and growing in leeps and bounds. With this hot summer there’s plenty of time to be ready for winter. On sunny days – even with a foot of snow on the ground – they demand to be let out. Good cold weather layers. I think you just gave me the extra push to snag a few! Barred Rocks offer high brown egg production in addition to having a meaty body. There is nothing but good that comes from Cackle! THANK YOU!!! He's fought off the neighbor's cat, a fox, and a hawk so far that we've seen. Whistler is named for our love of the outdoors and our neighbors to the north. – November 11, 2015, We received the chicks in very good order. – November 30, 2015. – November 9, 2015, Thank you very much. She was our rep for the 2 orders placed today. Plymouth Rocks are large, hardy dual-purpose birds that have long been preferred for small farms and homesteads, due to their size, productivity, and gentle personalities. The Plymouth Rock is an American breed of domestic chicken. Thanks, Phillip Arkansas September 2011 //

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