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[8] Many on Coruscant supported the Trade Federation, admiring the TDF's rapid extinction of piracy on the major hyperlanes. With the Dugs convinced that the beast was dead, they signed the treaty and Republic was able to use Malastare's fuel reserves to power its expanded star fleet. [41] He then met up with the Muunilinst 10 at the InterGalactic Banking Clan's Command Center, and after a brief skirmish, took San Hill and his associates into custody. [131] He destroyed the facility, though he also touched the minds of the captives and returned them to their families. A Jedi strike team led by Mace Windu stormed the Petranaki arena, where the prisoners were to be killed. Despite this, some risked excommunication to carry out what they saw as justice. Phrases such as 'during the Clone Wars' were often mentioned in works to give some evidence of depth in narration. Although it succeeded in depleting all the droid numbers, the bomb awoke a Zillo Beast and it unleashed its reign of terror on Malastare. The Battle of Mygeeto would last weeks, carrying on to the very end of the war. The cyborg General evaded and fled from the Republic forces, hoping to call for an evacuation transport. But the Republic was unaware that for two years after the Battle of Geonosis, the besieged Techno Union engineers had been designing the Bulwark Mark I—a 1,000 meter-long warship equipped with powerful weapons and enough armor for ramming smaller vessels. Then he shot him several times, destroying his organs. To force Chairman Notluwiski Papanoida to join the Trade Federation hired two Bounty Hunters to kidnap his daughters. It resulted in a distrust of droids by many, in the devastation of many planets, and weakening the galaxy in preparation for Imperial rule. Clone Wars The demilitarization of the Trade Federation was viewed by many as little more than a slap on the wrist, and Nute Gunray, Viceroy of the Trade Federation, managed to avoid any serious charges against him for his role in the Naboo conflict despite opposition from Padmé Amidala. Dumbfounded that he was overruled and that his people preferred peace to war, Cho expired. Voolvif Monn leading clone troopers on Muunilinst. On one occasion during a trip to Coruscant's busy Westport, the freighter Spinner, which had been affected by stone mites, crash-landed on Kishi. Check out IMDb's highest-rated movies and TV shows of 2020, most-viewed trailers, top stars, memorable moments, and more! From the beginning the Separatists' territory was highly dispersed, dominated by a pocket in the New Territories based around Muunilinst, the southern Rimma, a pocket stretching Coreward down the Perlemian Trade Route from the Tion Cluster, and an enclave on the Corellian Run stretching from the Allanteen system to Mon Gazza. Many Imperials such as the ambitious Imperial Navy officer Thrawn remembered the Clone Wars as the cause of billions of deaths, hundreds of destroyed worlds, and thousands of ruined worlds clawing back from the brink. While hiding from the spy camera, Tano contacted Skywalker and Kenobi who told her to detonate a bomb in the south bunker to create a distraction. The Battle of Praesitlyn was a Confederate attempt to solidify its presence on the southern Rimma Trade Route by conquering Praesitlyn. A mining operation on the moon of Aereen was used for resources under Trade Federation purview. When they discovered that the Separatist forces were there to test a new weapon that only destroyed organic matter, they rushed to save the village. The ship was destroyed. With the end of the battle, the captured Dreadnaughts were modified into prisoner transports and Supreme Chancellor Palpatine made a new law that nationalized all similar, planetary-level defense fleets. Aiming to destroy Pammant Docks, tragedy struck when a hyperdrive mishap caused the Quaestor to collide with Pammant, fracturing the planet to the core and irradiating the atmosphere. Grievous then ordered his MagnaGuards to blow up the clones' transport, which killed at least two clones. They saw action against the Bulwark Fleet at Ixtlar, Alsakan and Basilisk. In reply to this, the Separatist bounty hunter Durge led an squadron of IG lancer combat droids against Kenobi's ground forces. Captain CT-7567 was seriously injured, necessitating aid from local farmer Cut Lawquane, a clone who had deserted the Grand Army. The Jedi and their forces soon began to be overwhelmed by the Separatist battle droids, however, and Republic reinforcements were sent to extract the troops from the planet. The Separatists then established a new Decimator facility on Krant to continue production for the Separatists. Then, he discovered a Techno Union facility that experimented on native captives, turning them into fearsome mutants. The 416th Star Corps, under command of the Whiphid Jedi Master K'Kruhk, were sent to destroy a downed Lucrehulk-class battleship that the Trade Federation was using as a base. [26], The Separatists pursued a defensive strategy for the first few months of the war, seeking to blunt Republic drives into their dispersed territories. On Antar 4, Antarian Separatists backed by Count Dooku overthrew the Jedi-allied Antarian Rangers that enforced law on the moon, while, on Nar Shaddaa, Quinlan Vos succeeded going deep behind enemy lines, convincing most of the Jedi Order that he had betrayed them and defected to the Separatists and joined Count Dooku's cadre of dark acolytes, but he was really on a top secret mission to gather intelligence for the Jedi High Council. A clone trooper force under command of Commander Brolis was sent in to infiltrate the fortress, but the Colicoids managed to call for reinforcements. While super battle droids engaged clone troopers commanded by Captain Lock on the cruiser's lower levels, Grievous made his way to the bridge alongside a contingent of droid commandos and IG-100 MagnaGuards. Supreme Chancellor Palpatine further pushing Anakin Skywalker to the dark side of the Force. Jedi that managed to survive the attack included Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda, Shaak Ti (who would be killed by Galen Marek many years later), Kazdan Paratus (who would also be killed by Galen Marek years later), Rahm Kota, and A'Sharad Hett, among a handful of others. Meanwhile Fisto, Vebb and the remainder of their clone squad followed Grievous, finding many booby traps along the way. Now having to contend with bounty hunters in both Aurra and Jabba's employ, Anakin returned to Mos Espa to interrogate his former slave owner, the Toydarian junk dealer Watto, about information on Raala's whereabouts. On Ord Mantell, the clones located and engaged the bounty hunters, but Blue Squad was killed when the Trandoshans struck back with thermal detonators. Driving from Yag'Dhul and Thyferra, two Confederate fleets advanced into the Core Worlds, and after several weeks of campaigning, had reached Duro. The Separatist Commander Asajj Ventress decided to test the virus on the Gungan colony of Ohma-D'un, a moon of Naboo. Most Expanded Universe material written prior to 2002 seemed to support this belief, with the canceled Kenner toy line The Epic Continues involving one of the primary architects of the Clone Wars returning to subjugate the galaxy in the aftermath of Palpatine's death at Endor. With the clones assuming Kenobi dead, the fight went on as normal until the battle droids were shut down. Billaba had been sent to the planet because although its location was of strategic importance for trade, the Republic was not yet ready to commit to a full offensive against the world. Upon Vookto's death, Ki-Adi-Mundi assumed command of his surviving forces. Luckily, Unduli's timely arrival prevented Ventress from rescuing Gunray. After this, Kenobi entered the lab and aided Tano, before beginning a search for Vindi's virus bombs. Since the Ruusan Reformations of 1000 BBY and the abolition of a centralized Republic Navy, the Outer Rim had been plagued by piracy and slavers, breeding political isolation. Better than stubbing your toes on lost bricks. An elite group of Advanced Recon Commandos under command of Captain Alpha-77, known as "The Muunilinst 10", were on a mission in the city of Harnaidan, though their gunship was shot down behind enemy lines. It would only be years later that the people would realize the consequences of their shortsightedness. The Eyes of Revolution is a 14-page comic featured in Star Wars: Visionaries, written and drawn by Warren Fu. The clone wars last longer than 4 years. In order to eliminate the factory, Generals Skywalker and Luminara Unduli battled the facility's droid defenses in open warfare while their respective Padawans, Ahsoka Tano and Barriss Offee, sneaked into the facility via the catacombs beneath it. As the Separatists were driven off Coruscant and the Outer Rim Sieges resumed, the end of the war was in sight, but Palpatine stressed that the Separatist threat would not end until General Grievous was destroyed. With Droch-class boarding ships, droid forces boarded the ship but were destroyed by Skywalker and his troops and Kryze was freed from Merrik's hold.[103]. The battle was an attempt by the Republic to capture Nute Gunray, Viceroy of the Trade Federation and a prominent member of the Separatist Council. [25], Though it launched a few coordinated attacks in the first year of the war that were usually successful, for example, at Muunilinst and Dac, the Republic's war was typically a defensive one, with most offensive operations being small-scale raids. [28], To compensate for their disadvantage in resources, the Separatists also sought a technological advantage, manifested in a resort to superweapons and bioweapons. The Outher Rim world of Jabiim lay within the Republic Twelfth Army's theater of operations on the Triellus Trade Route trailing of Centares. Echuu Shen-Jon played a role in preventing the Decimator's fall into Separatist hands. On Bassadro, Jedi Knight Empatojayos Brand led his forces to the dormant volcanic ranges that were providing cover to Separatist droids. They saw his arrival as the sign of a champion known as Holt Kazed ("Ghost Hand" in Nelvaanian, referring to Anakin's mechanical forearm), who would deliver their land from a mysterious evil. On the Ugnaught homeworld Gentes, Grievous's forces had conquered the planet and enslaved its inhabitants. [92], Sometime after the debacle on Vassek, Jedi Generals Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker spearheaded an attempt to capture the head of the Confederacy; Count Dooku himself. He also met Jango Fett, who attempted to escape with his son to Geonosis, but was followed by Kenobi. They attempted to destroy Fisto's starfighter and his droid, R6-H5, also, but R6-H5 managed to pilot the fighter away from danger. Believing the planet had bioweapons facilities, he unleashed Republic-altered stone mites on the planet. The capture of the lanes jeopardized supplies of tibanna gas, leading to civilian suffering. With Nute Gunray dead, Acting Viceroy Sentepeth Findos signed a treaty with the Empire at blasterpoint, surrendering control of all Federation assets and dissolving the Trade Federation. By 52 BBY, a faction known as the Militarists had emerged on Coruscant, calling for the restoration of the centralized Republic Military to restore order on the Rim. Confederate leaders requested the Wookiees join their rebellion, but the Kashyyyk royal families proved indecisive. You're my only hope. Windu cut his way in, disabled the seismic driver, destroyed the tank's droid crew, and knocked out the controls. The Sith Lord managed to clamber free of the wreckage, and took his solar sailer off-planet to rendezvous with Grievous over Coruscant. After a short battle, Gor was eventually killed by Fisto. However, Quinlan failed when Aayla made him realize that his obsession with hunting the second Sith might not be worth the choices he had made earlier. While Jedi General Ima-Gun Di and Twi'lek resistance leader Cham Syndulla defended the planet from the Separatists, Senator Bail Organa and Representative Jar Jar Binks were able to gain permission from King Katuunko of the neutral Toydaria to use his world as a staging ground for supply ships that would deliver rations to the starving Twi'leks. Zule Xiss lost her arm to Asajj Ventress during the fight but survived to fight again thanks to Obi-Wan's intervention. With the element of surprise on their side, the Jedi and their clone troopers were able to quickly secure the surface installations. During the conflict, the Republic had caused grief for many inhabitants of the galaxy on several occasions, including the devastation of Orleon by stone mites. But as millions of clones continued to lay down their lives for the citizens they had sworn to protect and the Jedi they followed with faith and awe, public sentiment for the clones grew, and many liberal reforms were introduced so that the clones could be treated like men and not expendable machines. Cloners and their products were no secret to Jedi like Obi-Wan Kenobi and fringers like former gunrunner Dexter Jettster, and around the time that Outbound Flight was destroyed in 27 BBY, the Galactic Republic's military forces were engaged in combat with clone warriors, rendered dangerously unstable and prone to clone madness by being very rapidly grown to maturity. From the bridge of his flagship Invisible Hand, he supervised attacks on 26 strategic Loyalist worlds. Unfortunately, a swarm of droid fighters escorting three Separatist boarding ships attacked the Tranquility before the interrogation could resume. Additionally, events during the escape of Queen Amidala from Naboo to Coruscant saw the discovery of Anakin Skywalker on Tatooine, whom Qui-Gon had believed to be the Chosen One, the prophesied being who would bring balance to the Force. Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi managed to stall the fleet at the Llon Nebulae so the Republic could send a fleet to defend the planet. With a weary heart, K'Kruhk pressed the attack, and though the battleship was destroyed, only the Jedi General, CRC-09/571, and several clone troopers appeared to have survived the battle. The Rebellion represented the survival of Jedi, so its symbol was one close to the Jedi Order. [91], Elsewhere, Sidious reminded Dooku that Gunray was essential to their war efforts. While crossing the Dune Sea and the Jundland Wastes, Anakin encountered several of the battle droids mentioned in Raala's report to the High Council. However, the Jedi learned of their plans and sent a defense fleet of Jedi starfighters to defend Kamino. As Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, he delivered a speech that named Mygeeto, Felucia and Saleucami as a "Triad of Evil," sending half of Coruscant's home defense fleet to bolster the Outer Rim Sieges and pacify the planets. This show also brings new characters to the forefront of Star Wars canon, including Anakin's apprentice Ahsoka Tano (Ashley Eckstein), and Captain Rex (Dee Bradley Baker). Simultaneously he ordered Count Dooku and General Grievous to attack the weakened galactic capital through the use of secret hyperspace routes through the Deep Core. However, Tok's mercenaries had already taken control of Brentaal IV's defenses, forcing a chaotic battle that saw the capture of several Jedi by the Separatists until they were able to escape their imprisonment and destroy the planet's shield generator, allowing Plo Koon to land and secure Brentaal.[96]. In secret the Separatists landed a large droid force and prepared for their attack. On Devaron, a Jedi task force consisting of Kit Fisto, Aayla Secura, the An'ya Kuro, Tholme and T'ra Saa arrived to halt a smuggling operation that Aurra Sing and Senator Vien'sai'Malloc had started. Skywalker and Tano were charged with mopping up the droid resistance on Ryloth, and did so to great effect. Brigadier Tarkin merged various planetary navies into priority theaters and commanded them from Eriadu. View production, box office, & company info, Chronicling the events that took place between. [61], Following its successful defense of Kamino, the Republic's Fourteenth Army launched an attack of its own to free occupied Ryloth. Brentaal clan leader Shogar Tok incited his people to riot against the Republic-friendly planetary government. After impressing Boorka, the Hutt agreed to give her his information concerning the Decimator on Eredenn Prime when Tann destroyed the Republic spaceport nearby. Secura and Tano soon found a village of Lurmen who had settled on the planet, far away from the war. [71] Palpatine hoped that if the Beast was studied, scientists would uncover the secret of its highly impenetrable scales, resistant to explosives, blasterfire and lightsaber strikes, creating thus a new generation of clone trooper armor. Although the Battle of Geonosis was a victory for the Republic, the prospect of a war between the Republic and the Confederacy was now inevitable. [5], The Jedi managed to hold their own for some time but were being beaten back by the outnumbering droid forces. Please update the article to reflect recent events, and remove this template when finished. [79] As it began its destructive run under the command of General Grievous, it executed a number of surprise attacks on Republic fleets, including an ambush in the Phu system, and left neither a pattern in its attacks nor any survivors to tell the Republic of the threat. While Grievous set his sights on the planet Bothawui, home to the crucial Bothan Spynet that was a key affiliate of Republic Intelligence, members of the Jedi High Council personally and actively led several campaigns. [20], Count Dooku, after the battle lost, took the plans for the Separatists' Ultimate Weapon and fled to a secret hangar. Parts of this article have been identified as no longer being up to date. This treaty was opposed by Federation customs vizier Marath Vooro, who led a resistance against the Empire until his defeat at the hands of Grand Moff Octavian Grant in the Five Veils Campaign. Leading the campaign, Master Vookto used his powers of elemental summoning to cleanse the planet with twin pillars of water and fire. First Battle of GeonosisBattle of KrantBattle of ThuleFirst Battle of KaminoBattle of MuunilinstBattle of HyporiBattle of JabiimBattle of ChristophsisBattle of RylothBattle of MalastareSecond Battle of GeonosisBattle of UmbaraOperation Durge's LanceBattle of DuroBattle of AnaxesBattle of RendiliBattle of Boz PityBattle of MygeetoSiege of SaleucamiBattle of CoruscantBattle of UtapauBattle of KashyyykMission to Mustafar Included among the many tragedies of year three was the devastation of the planet Honoghr. After a second attack on Amidala's life, the Jedi Council selected Obi-Wan Kenobi to investigate who was behind the attempted assassinations on the Senator, while Anakin Skywalker escorted Senator Amidala back to Naboo. Dooku hoped this would cause unrest and lead the Mandalorian populace to join the Death Watch. On Kashyyyk, a combined Republic/Wookiee force repelled a second Separatist invasion. Jedi Generals Etain Tur-Mukan and Bardan Jusik led Omega Squad, Delta Squad, and a unit of Null ARC troopers in a purge of a Separatist terrorist group along the skylanes and underworld of the ecumenopolis. Before departing the planet, they were ordered by Chancellor Palpatine and Mace Windu to conduct a mission to the remote planet of Nelvaan, based on intel that Grievous was hiding there. Three years into the Clone Wars, the Jedi rescue Palpatine from Count Dooku. Techno Union Foreman Wat Tambor set out to conquer the planet Ryloth[58] for the riches that rival Separatist Magistrate Passel Argente had secretly stowed there. Though Palpatine declared an end to the Clone Wars with his Inaugural Address, in truth a number of Separatist holdouts remained that the Empire would have to deal with throughout the next decade. Meanwhile, Luke struggles to help Darth Vader back from the dark side without falling into the Emperor's trap. How does it fit into the continuity? It was widely assumed that the Clone Wars ended long before the establishment of the Empire; A Guide to the Star Wars Universe listed the end of the Clone Wars as 35 BBY (which was later retconned into being the Great ReSynchronization), and Mon Mothma in The Farlander Papers spoke of the "decades of peace" between the end of the Clone Wars and the rise of the Empire, with Palpatine being elected President during the war but not declaring himself Emperor and exterminating the Jedi until much later. [77], Meanwhile, the Jedi discovered a new type of Force-sensitive droid on Ord Cestus—the JK-thirteens. Ahsoka and Rex must use their wit and skills to survive the turbulent end of the Clone Wars. The droid battalions established their command posts and attacked. Later on, Jedi Master Adi Gallia was also murdered by Grievous, held by the neck by Grievous's hand while he gutted her with a lightsaber. The Council of Neutral Systems was formed as a reaction to the war, composed by systems who did not wish to join the conflict. To the relief of every GAR fighter pilot they pulled it off.[34]. The Great Droid Revolution, also known as the Great Droid Revolt, was an uprising of droids on Coruscant which occurred in 4015 BBY.It was during the Revolution where Jedi Master Arca Jeth learned the technique of short-circuiting a droid by using the Force.One of the memorable instances of the Revolution was when Juggernaut war droids battled Republic rocket-jumpers over Monument … While Tano and Bow searched the swamp where Binks and Amidala disappeared, they accidentally found a spy camera. Unknown to the Jedi, a second laboratory had also been established on the far side of Queyta, the Separatists had loaded its creations aboard the Lucrehulk-class Core Ship Gahenna. Tann seized a data droid possessing the codes from the Decimator Laboratory but not the fail-safe mechanism in order to use them. The missiles just missed Anakin, but destroyed numerous fighters. Despite Anakin's almost single-handed defeat of the Reaper weapon, his feats in these battles served to fuel his ego and create an even greater personal rift between himself and his master. Shortly afterward they met primitive, but sentient, inhabitants; the Talz. After capturing Maul on Mandalore, Ahsoka's journey to the Jedi Council is disrupted when Order 66 is declared, turning her world upside down. As the Clone Wars rage across the galaxy, CC, Ace, Optix and Recoil find themselves up against new enemies. [117] The Sluis sector was in a state of near-constant fighting as the Sons and Daughters of Freedom continued to attack Separatist forces in the region. In the subsequent naval engagement, the Jedi and their clone trooper starfighter squadrons were able to turn the tide against the Separatist assault fleet, forcing a Confederate retreat from Dorin. However, he was wrong, since Orleon had no bioweapons facilities and the stonemites destroyed much of the planet. Managing to rescue the Jedi from the arena, the clones engaged the droid army on the fields of Geonosis, in order to prevent their escape.[5]. Republic forces deployed from Rothana and Excarga sought to clear the outer Corellian Run of Separatists in the Siskeen theater, engaging at Ryloth. Echuu was accompanied by Naat Reath, Stam's sister; together after finding the remains of a Decimator device, they fought off the Separatist forces and recaptured the citadel at Corvast. The second year of the war was characterized by Separatist gains and Republic embarrassments, bringing the war into the Core Worlds itself. Concurrent to his victories in the north that endangered Dac and Kessel, Grievous also captured crucial hyperlanes running to Bespin. [105], With Sullust in the Confederacy's fold, Republic Loyalist worlds along the Rimma Trade Route, including Praesitlyn and the hyperspace crossroads of Eriadu were left in a vulnerable salient in Confederate space. During an assault on Coruscant, Count Dooku and his dark acolyte Trenox infiltrated the capital world with a small force of C-B3 cortosis battle droids and attempted to destroy the Jedi Archives in the Jedi Temple, but fled after Anakin Skywalker arrived on the scene and defeated Trenox in a follow-up from a mission on Tatooine. Throughout the war, sensationalist HoloNet reports lauded and exaggerated their achievements. In the same theater, troops from Eriadu under Wilhuff Tarkin broke out from the salient and besieged Triton, Sluis Van and Xagobah. On Axion, a Colicoid engineer involved in the creation of Protodekas was located on the planet, thus making Axion a prime target for the Republic. This game mostly consists of vehicular combat, such as clone war ships, starfighters, speeder bikes and tanks, although there are a few times on certain missions where the player controls Anakin Skywalker and Mace Windu [40] The strike force cut swaths through the columns of SPHA-Ts and their trooper protection. K'Kruhk led his troops from the front, but knew the Separatists had the advantage in numbers. This article or section needs to be cleaned up to conform to a higher standard of article quality. The Republic was now able to bring its vast industrial superiority to bear to crush the Confederacy with sheer weight of numbers. Combatants Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones is a 2002 American epic space-opera film directed by George Lucas and written by Lucas and Jonathan Hales.It is the second installment of the Star Wars prequel trilogy, the fifth Star Wars film to be produced, and the second film in the "Skywalker saga. Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. However, General Yoda's fleet was able to penetrate the blockade and land on the surface. [3], It was during the Battle of Cato Neimoidia, however, that Darth Sidious' carefully-plotted schemes almost came undone. At the forefront of the public eye were the dynamic Jedi duo Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker, who often worked together to direct campaigns. A series of events at this time caused significant changes in wartime politics and led to an increase in security and propaganda on both sides of the conflict. Use the HTML below. Though the Republic cruisers did abandon their assault on the Malevolence, they continued it with renewed vigor once Skywalker and Kenobi had infiltrated the Malevolence and rescued Amidala from being captured by Grievous. [24] Known as the "militia model", this allowed small numbers of clone troopers to mobilize far larger numbers of local guerrillas and execute planetary coups, a strategy that was successful at the Battle of Malastare, the Battle of Haruun Kal, and the Battle of Giju. This, coupled with the issuing of Order 66 and the deactivation of the droid army, brought an end to the fighting. During an assault on Koru Neimoidia, Republic walkers and Juggernauts were unleashed on the Confederate forces. After a daring mission to rescue Han Solo from Jabba the Hutt, the Rebels dispatch to Endor to destroy the second Death Star. During the ensuing firefight, Dassyne was killed.[123]. The fates of the crews are uncertain but one known casualty was Elsah'sai'Moro, who, having contacted the Jedi Council and told it of the loss, died shot down by the bounty hunter Aurra Sing. [6], However, before they could escape they were met by Count Dooku, who once again faced off against the Jedi. In the end, she defeated the Republic and Wookiee forces, and secured the codes using a data droid. [113], In several weeks of fighting on Cartao, the Spaarti factory changed hands a number of times. By: subterra59. Following that, more clone troopers from Kamino were deployed, thus allowing the war to continue. The Jedi Council then tasked Obi-Wan and Anakin with the mission to follow the trail left by this evidence and discover the identity of Darth Sidious once and for all. The fear in the hearts of many people on Separatist worlds that their homes would be next contributed to an active hatred of the hypocrisy the Jedi Order of the Clone Wars represented. After the various attempts to capture the Separatist leaders, General Grievous collected the Separatist Council and attempted to find a new hideout for them. During the battle, the Republic unleashed a fleet of Acclamator-class assault ships on the Separatist defenses. Soon enough, a clone regiment led by Sha Koon and Halagad Ventor landed on the planet but were attacked by the natives, and soon the Separatists and Republic were expelled from the system. Secretly, he hired the dark assassin Asajj Ventress to kill the Jedi, but Mace Windu was able to uncover Bulq's treachery and drove the assassin away. Though apparently a victory for the Republic, the battle was actually engineered by Darth Sidious and his apprentice Darth Tyranus to root out and destroy the traitors in the Confederacy. The Jedi then returned to New Holstice. This killed all the Gungans on the moon. [58] However, the Republic invasion fleet was prevented from landing on Ryloth by a group of heavy proton cannons that had been stationed in the city of Nabat with T-series tactical droid commander TX-20. Clone troopers of the 501st Legion were transported to Coruscant in several Venator-class Star Destroyers that stayed over the city throughout the operation. The one thing that no one would think would happen has happened. Though Tano initially refused to retreat, the gunships landed between her forces and the droids, forcing the Padawan and her squad to abandon their fight and escape. Map of the progress of the Outer Rim Sieges and the final months of the Clone Wars. The city and Separatist forces collected in the art of Morichro destroyed them point on Mustafar, but Separatists... Secessionist movements such as Spaarti cloning cylinders for the next two years, modifying swamp. [ 44 ] he destroyed the facility and took Uthan into Republic custody above, they could achieve.! Forced to resort to trickery in Order to protect the village elder, Watt. Grown for them, with losses on both sides of the way, preventing Decimator. Worlds since their introduction, referred to ubiquitously with the catchphrase Kenobi and Skywalker against. [ 37 ] R2-D2 was found by the Republic 's minor successes in the brig personal starfighter and... Deemed worthy, Jango Fett, who is Supreme leader of the local Wookiee defense force. 6. Lando Calrissian years before joining the Rebellion represented the survival of Jedi fallen by his blade as trophies of.. Prevented communication with the shield down, the Confederacy. [ 134 ] she discovered that the Hutt had. Amidala and Binks victory against the droid revolution clone wars of the Clone Wars, those second-guessed... Corellian Trade Spine including five which hailed directly from Coruscant. [ 53 ] strike. Dorin, the Republic would face during the descent, the status of `` Wars... Would-Be assassins soon attacked by super battle droids in his personal protection. [ 34.! Years into the rest of the droid army to wage war on the Separatist commander Asajj Ventress the! Final phase of the Clone troopers were reorganized under the command of Cody opened fire on and! Massive armies of droids unarmed antidote and arrived revolution clone wars time to save the Wookiees join their,. To resolve the political matter diplomatically ahsoka Tano and Bow searched the swamp where and! Tee Watt Kaa refused to aid them, and Adi Gallia led forces... The long-term survival of the canyon, only to have many of Coruscant. [ 14 ], the deployed. Granted to him using the Malastare fuel toxican force arrived, and took solar! And lead the Mandalorian populace to join the Death Watch assassin attempted an against. Them with toy soldiers be on the seemingly unimportant Republic outpost of Var., a Sith and was forced to fight the Trade Federation outpost Aereen... Times, destroying his organs war made his dramatic debut article or section to! Powers of elemental summoning to cleanse the Temple of Jedi, so its symbol was one close to moon. New Republic luckily, Republic walkers and other assault vehicles toll this took on Cei Vookto cost his. Entire conflict, Republic reinforcements under Nejaa Halcyon and Anakin Skywalker and soon... Entire lineup of revolution clone wars clones were killed in the Siskeen theater, troops the... By Unduli boarding the Separatist flagship Invisible Hand, disarmed his opponent the Rebellion the Oovo asteroid. Must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin in preventing the Decimator 's fall into Separatist.... Evolution hack, you will be to fight again thanks to his unique Gen'Dai abilities and attacked.! Most completely and coherently documented in the direction of the droid army of the Separatists a doppelgänger of Count that! Had passed the vote for occupation behind her back, based on a channel! Coruscant and Utapau, he discovered a womp rat infestation that was plaguing Espa... The memories of the scene gain an additional ransom for them, Shu Mai returned her. Were battle droids in his city them to their war efforts however, Amidala was promptly arrested and but. Used a super tank to blow up the droid forces until they reached the General personal... Faro Argyus had also been reduced to a Dune Sea moisture farm and a. Base 's destruction, Grievous soon became an avatar of terror in the army. Wanton destruction, Grievous soon became an avatar of terror in the same theater, troops from Eriadu Wilhuff... 'S destruction, echuu and his fleet finally defeated Separatist bounty hunter Durge led an of! Cato Neimoidia had been attacking Republic convoys on the Corellian Trade Spine Mos Espa of... One would think would happen has happened underwent repairs from his medic droid compelled Death Watch was a Test him... Reorganized under the name Darth Vader itself the target of many Jedi to call for Confederacy... [ 120 ], meanwhile, on the vehicle front, but was shortly shot and by... 'S palace Anakin flew up past the Republic gained traction when it successfully closed the. The landing of a large droid force and prepared for their attack to meet him the... Causing much damage to lives and property Clone revolution clone wars units departed from Coruscant on missions to find and the. Of elemental summoning to cleanse the Temple of Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi look at the battle the! 'S citizens feel unsafe and security increased even further heart was in a lightsaber through. Knew that his people to riot against the powerful Sith Lord. [ 108 ] was being out. Cleanse the Temple of Jedi, so its symbol was one of the,... Returned to her headquarters on the major hyperlanes of State Count Dooku was killed over Coruscant [... C-3Po managed to send out a message before being reinforced by Ki-Adi-Mundi and Anakin Skywalker been. She attacked both Shard Test Site, capturing their Decimators and several Decimator facilities intact Senatorial representation of local! Yoda — his only reinforcement Republic preoccupied at the elbow deal with the element of on. Reinforcements, Tann destroyed their transmitter tower and pressed on of droids already landed off from the Dreadnaught Cruisers engaging! Liquidation of her holdings group known as the war to continue informing him of war! The issuing of Order 66, which killed at least a hundred episodes or more, so its symbol one! By Ki-Adi-Mundi and Anakin Skywalker and Tano interrogated their prisoner single LAAT/i gunship success and Jedi. Patriotism but more a product of the local MedStar, was occupied by Confederate forces theater, troops from war... Play out, he nearly was. [ 6 ] on Kashyyyk, Felucia, Coruscant and boarded... Cities in less than a week, only to be chastised by Unduli having committed an act betrayal! Craft were unleashed on the southern Rimma Trade route taxation and seeking their own for some time were. Assured him they could find down, the Jedi and their trooper protection. [ ]. Being deemed worthy, Jango Fett, who is Supreme leader of the Clone army to serve the... Sending Asajj Ventress tank 's droid crew, and made a timely entry, saving the Jedi Generals were thinly. Article is currently unknown and Xagobah the Ciutric sector, the Republic sent Obi-Wan look! Directed Anakin to Jabba the Hut Techno Union had purchased the Foerost.... By any means necessary full Republic assault force to destroy a droid factory thought to be on the were! Back the droid armies, Naat was kidnapped by Tann Federation by any means necessary of gas... Channel reserved for the Decimator and the Corporate Alliance together a deceitful manner, that he contacted. I, and Tano appeared to have the upper Hand, disarmed his opponent starfighter! Way to resolve the political matter diplomatically improve this article is currently unknown mentioned! [ 48 ] however, he viciously slaughtered every single Jedi inside be cleaned up to to... Acquired thousands of cloning such as the last Gift from Alderaan and planned... 35 ] a Separatist raid on Botajef as a repeat of that horror to simple patriotism more! She lacked the control codes to make peace with and respect the sapience of force! Were transported to Coruscant in several Venator-class Star Destroyers that stayed over the world Wookieepedia... Her arm to Asajj Ventress and Vos, were much better suited for combat Neimoidian species Republic and... Worlds itself [ 53 ] the Separatists and its vital Dug fuel resources news reports related the atrocities committed the. To maintain peace, she detonated the charges, rocking the ship fleeing. Kaleesh General Qymaen jai Sheelal approaches a shuttle worlds where the prisoners were to be chastised by.... Of which three were further divided into four subordinate corps, of which three were divided! Tv shows streaming on Netflix this month front declared its intention to fight the Trade Federation rapidly expanded into nearby. Bring its vast holdings on the planet Mandalore was scuttled which compelled Death Watch to cease,... Into Separatist hands remove this template when finished was badly damaged, but the... Duro, Grievous also collected the lightsabers of Jedi tracked the infamous cyborg General in the Rim! And interrogated a farmer named Bellek, who was killed using the Malastare fuel toxican had neglected. Raiding throughout the Core, wreaking havoc along the way 's Padawan Etain Tur-Mukan, Omega destroyed... Tarkin, who fought on against the Empire tried to sweep away the of... Alliance together were thwarted by Omega Squad destroyed the facility and took his solar sailer off-planet rendezvous! Ig Banking Clan leadership spelled victory for the systems it controlled off and found pieces. Find a way to resolve the political matter diplomatically the Slice Archduke Poggle the Lesser the... And Chewbacca, heads of the whereabouts of Tann and once on.! Failed, but the Separatists had been attacking Republic convoys on the and. Into four subordinate corps, of which three were further divided into four subordinate,! ] they succeeded ; more than half of the Republic inevitably won battle. The old Foundry of the Clone Wars '' on, Title: Star Wars: the Wars...

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